About Maggi Feehan

I have always had a strong hunger for life. Counselling is a process that addresses what it means to be human and explores the hungers that drive us – the hunger for connection, the hunger for solitude, the hunger for belonging and the hunger for Spirit. Unfortunately, life circumstances, trauma, neglect and alienation can disrupt our ability to satisfy our hungers in a positive and life-affirming way.

I have always sought to live life fully and freely, exercising the full spectrum of a positive and healthy human experience. My counselling aims to provide this same freedom to my clients, as they learn to recognize, navigate and change any negative patterns and beliefs that stand in the way of their own evolution and fulfillment.

I formalized my interest in counselling by getting a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology as well as becoming a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC). I continue to expand my knowledge by active education and self-evolution.

Professional Interests

Somatic Therapy

I have been counselling for over 20 years.  In that time my practice has evolved and I am now integrating movement therapy into my library of approaches. Movement therapy is the embodiment of all aspects of ourselves: body, mind, voice, spirit.

When we embrace both our intellect and our body wisdom, we have a vital, rich resource of knowledge, awareness and understanding. My practice focuses on accessing, honouring and nurturing what our bodies know, what our voices wish to say, and what sense our minds can make of the human experience.

Women’s Issues

As a women, I have a particular interest in the many issues that face women today. In our culture, women face unprecedented pressures on every front. This ideal that women measure themselves against creates unrealistic and unobtainable goals which can lead to mental, emotional and physical health issues. In my practice, I encourage women to challenge the expectations placed upon them so they can truly honour what their gifts are and what they can share with the world.

Personal Interests

In addition to being a counsellor, I teach at Royal Roads University, the University of Victoria and Camosun College.  I have a deep interest in writing and I have authored a work of fiction, The Serpent’s Veil. You can see some of my writing as well as get more information on my book on my personal website, www.maggifeehan.ca.


I am deeply committed to examining all my unconscious biases and hold a space that is inclusive of all races, genders and sexual orientations.


“Absolutely Transformative”

“In just a very short, intense and profound interval, Maggi enabled me to excavate some deep powers and excess pain. She is kind, intuitive, honest, funny, attentive, humble and visionary. It’s been absolutely transformative in all imaginable radical beneficial ways. I move on much stronger, inspired and in great gratitude.”

“The Best Counsellor!”

“I am a counsellor myself and am amazed and so grateful for the skill, warmth, humanity and wisdom Maggi brings to her practice. She is the best counsellor I have ever had – and I’ve had many!”


“The Counsellor For Me”

“I found Maggi to be a gifted counsellor with wisdom beyond her years. She was intuitive, spiritually-oriented, warm, compassionate and caring.  She also had a great deal of integrity.”

“An Inspiration”

“Maggi is truly an inspiration and is incredibly supportive. She helped me to see how I could modify behaviours I wanted to adjust and always made me see how important it was not to judge ourselves or others since we are all on a continuous learning journey. I felt truly supported by Maggi and she was always there when I needed her no matter what.”

“Modelled the way”

“Maggi’s ability to question and probe made me look deeper and further within myself and enabled me to grow in ways that I had not thought possible. Maggi was honest and supportive, and very effectively modelled the way.”

“Profoundly effective”

“Maggi is profoundly effective. I could feel myself growing in her presence!”

“Maggi is Magical”


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