“In just a very short, intense and profound interval, Maggi enabled me to excavate some deep powers and excess pain. She is kind, intuitive, honest, funny, attentive, humble and visionary. It’s been absolutely transformative in all imaginable radical beneficial ways. I move on much stronger, inspired and in great gratitude.”

Absolutely Transformative


“I found Maggi to be a gifted counsellor with wisdom beyond her years. She was intuitive, spiritually-oriented, warm, compassionate and caring.  She also had a great deal of integrity.”

The Counsellor For Me


“Maggi is truly an inspiration and is incredibly supportive. She helped me to see how I could modify behaviours I wanted to adjust and always made me see how important it was not to judge ourselves or others since we are all on a continuous learning journey. I felt truly supported by Maggi and she was always there when I needed her no matter what.”

An Inspiration


“Maggi’s ability to question and probe made me look deeper and further within myself and enabled me to grow in ways that I had not thought possible. Maggi was honest and supportive, and very effectively modelled the way.”

Modelled the way


“Maggi is profoundly effective. I could feel myself growing in her presence!”

Profoundly effective


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